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About AdPlexity Mobile

Adplexity Mobile is a spy tool that's all about Mobile Ads. You can find Mobile Ad campaigns within your niche. Additionally, you can determine if the ads are In-App Ads, Pop-up Ads, or Carrier Ads. Plus, you can search for Ads through Keywords advertisers or Affiliate Network. Readmore
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

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AdPlexity Mobile - Exclusive 46% Lifetime Discount Coupon $199
  • Advanced Search and Filter
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Pricing
  • Value for money

AdPlexity Mobile - Exclusive 46% Lifetime Discount Coupon

“ Adplexity mobile is a powerful mobile spy tool which deals with Mobile, Native, Adult ads. This tool lets you study and copy competitors’ ads. Adplexity mobile is created by affiliates for affiliates, gives real time updates on competitors ads,  and finds  successful mobile ad campaigns within your niche- “


  • Collects the largest amount of information
  • You can download every landing page with page dependencies
  • Product campaigns run in over 75 major countries.
  • Easy to use the interface which helps finds successful campaigns on mobile traffic sources.
  • Gives a full insight on what is working for your competitors.


  • Limited features compared to most similar competitive products.
  • Much more costly compared to most similar competitive products.

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  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

Many people copy stuff from fellow marketers and affiliates and use the most successful techniques. Try AdPlexity Mobile and it will direct you to the winning ads. With AdPlexity Mobile you will see your competitor’s work and inspire you to improve yours. It will also direct you to find the most profitable campaigns quickly.

What is AdPlexity Mobile?

AdPleexity Mobile

AdPlexity is tool used by affiliate marketers to get accurate and current information from mobile traffic sources. It works by bringing data from different countries of the best mobile advertising campaigns. Using manual research can take a lot of time and cannot be reliable as well.

AdPlexity Mobile Features

AdPlexity Mobile Features

1) Fast and Easy Campaigns

AdPlexity Mobile provides a platform with easy successful, easy and fast campaigns. The campaigns are then filtered by such factors like keywords, publisher, affiliate networks and advertisers. Those activities are as explained below;

  • Search ads that have the desired keywords on the landing page
  • You are able to see all ads running on a certain publisher
  • See campaigns that are promoting best offers in affiliate network
  • Uncover campaigns that are run by other advertisers and also ads promoting certain offers

2) Learn About Certain Aspects of Landing Page

AdPlexity Mobile provides a platform which helps the users to learn various successful campaigns coming on their land page.  You will be able to achieve the following activities;

  • Download every landing page with ease
  • See what offer is being promoted on the landing page from outgoing URLs
  • Find the campaigns run by other advertisers
  • See affiliate network and tracking tools used by specific landing page

3) Campaign Analyzing

AdPlexity Mobile allows its users to analyze every piece of campaign that comes their way. This will be accomplished through;

  • Device targeted to know if the campaign is working on iPhone or Android
  • Publishers to know campaigns with majority traffic
  • Ad trend as to know how long campaigns are running and best performing time
  • Traffic Sources used to know where advertisers buy traffic and take advantage

AdPlexity Mobile Pricing

AdPlexity Mobile Pricing

AdPlexity Mobile offers a subscription of $199/Mo which offers a discount to pay $149/Mo. This subscription will offer the following;

  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support
  • Android in-app ads data for 5 networks
  • Powerful and easy interface
  • Mobile display web ads data

Final Thoughts

AdPlexity is one of the best tool to keep track of your competitor’s most profitable ads campaigns and traffic sources. It will help you grow your business by learning new things. Have you benefited from this tool? Why don’t you try and share your experience with us.