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About AdSpy

AdSpy is a great spy tool to have especially if you are an affiliate marketer. It will provide all the insights you need to take your ecommerce business to the next level. AdSpy is affordable and support is really fast and offers real time turnaround time support. Readmore
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

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Adspy Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Codes of 2020 $149
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Adspy Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Codes of 2019

“Adspy is a powerful Facebook and PPC Spy tool. PPC itself is highly dynamic and competitive. Adspy boasts the largest database of Ads with over 72 Million Ads from over 12 million advertisers across 189 countries. Generally, it helps you to spy and copy your competitors’ ad campaigns – “


  • Massive database
  • Unrivaled network of providers
  • Enhanced search
  • Affordable
  • The account can be shared with no limits


  • Searches often time out
  • Some feature Ads are spammed on Facebook

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  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

Spy tools are all the rage these days. Instead of spending time and money reinventing the wheel, digital marketers now simply spy on the successful competitors in their niche and then just apply the same marketing strategies. That is what we’re calling in-depth research. Here is one of the most powerful spy tools in the market right now, AdSpy.

What is AdSpy?


Adspy is a powerful software that keeps top advertisers innovating while holding social media organizations to account for their content. In other words, AdSpy is the spy tool with the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads in the market. AdSpy puts you in control of the two most powerful and fastest-growing advertising platforms on the planet. This way, you can both access and get to benefit from the latest trends in the digital market.

Adspy Features

Adspy Features

1) Enhanced Basic Search Filters

Thanks to AdSpy software developers, your search experience is flawless.  You can easily filter out your search in the extensive database available. You have an option to search for ads depending on either the advertisers’ names or publisher’s name. Afterward, sort the results with the smart filter, which saves you time.

2) Accurate Demographics

Using AdSpy’s unrivaled networks of contributors, you can easily access specific data on the ad target based on their location, age range, etc. Generally, Adspy shows you all the information regarding all your competitors.

3) Calling Affiliates

AdSpy is an excellent tool for affiliates. With the help of this tool, you easily find Ads by the affiliates networks or search for specific affiliates and offers.  Adspy bypasses cloakers to ensure your information is flawless and straight from the landing pages.  If you know a specific affiliate ID, just type it in the search slot to get direct access to the data.

4) Large Database Access

Adspy avails the largest pool of data. If a hot product is kicking off and drop shippers need information, you can be sure that AdSpy will already have the information you need.

Adspy Pricing

Adspy Pricing

So it is clear that Adspy is one of the most powerful and data-rich spy tools right now.  You can access all the AdSpy features for an affordable price of just $149 per month.


AdSpy is an excellent spy tool to use if you are a beginner and also if you are a veteran. The user interface is super simple to understand and navigate and the power behind the massive data is invaluable. Have you used AdSpy? What was your experience? Please tell us in the comment section below.