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About PowerAdSpy

with PowerAdSpy you can keep track on competitor campaigns across a large number of social platforms at the same time By having everything in one place you get to have better value for money and a clear way to keep track of what everyone is doing currently. Readmore
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

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  • Cons
Poweradspy 25% Coupon Code $49
  • Advanced Search and Filtering
  • Analytics
  • Data Filtering and Bookmarking
  • Customer Experience
  • Pricing

PowerAdSpy Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2020

“PowerAdSpy is a powerful Facebook advertising analytics tool. It ensures you run FB, and INSTA ads that make you money. PowerAdSpy comes with power-packed features including complete visibility, filter by ad positions, data from millions of ads from 15+ countries, and filtering tools to narrow down your choices – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Spy on your competitors by tracking their creatives
  • Saves loads of time that would have gone into research
  • Search for ads based on niche and domain
  • Access data scraped directly from successful ads to use on your own campaigns


  • Very few features on the basic version
  • Fairly steep learning curve

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  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

Every digital marketer worth his salt knows the importance of a Spy tool. We have covered numerous Spy tools over time. Today we shall talk about PowerAdSpy.

What is PowerAdSpy?


PowerAdSpy is an online tool that relies on numerous sources to collect ads enabling you to find the best ads running on all the popular marketing platforms including Facebook. It monitors your competitors’ ads to reveal the winning ads so you can, in turn, apply their successful strategies to your own Ad campaigns.

PowerAdSpy Features

PowerAdSpy Features

1) Advanced Search & Filtering

PowerAdSpy’s enhanced search allows you to search for relevant ads that your competitors are running. You can almost see everything your competitor is running by searching ads based on their domains. Better still, you can search and filter your competitors’ ads by gender, relationship or what is happening on their landing pages.

2) Analytics

Find ads in one click through the PowerAdSpy’s Analytics feature. Instead of spending a lot of time guessing what your competitor is doing, select any Ad you have an interest in and this tool will show you the weekly trends, target market segments, and much more on a single page.

3) Live Ads

This feature makes your work easier when monitoring Ads. You will be able to see your competitors’ ads in real time. With this information you can choose the best ads for your niche to mimic. Also, PowerAdSpy allows you to search for keywords of the ads you want to see.

4) PowerAdSpy Extension

PowerAdSpy lets you see the history and insights of your competitors’ ads. The extension is stress-free to install and you can use it indefinitely right from your browser.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy Pricing

Pricing plan on PowerAdspy is competitively priced, but if you want to get the most out of your plan you have to get the premium plan. The pricing plans are as follows:

Free Plan: You will get 20 free searches either on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with absolute zero restrictions on search filters.

Basic Plan: For this plan which goes for $49 each month you will have access to unlimited searches on Facebook but limited options for search filters.

Standard Plan: Offers unlimited searches for both Instagram and Facebook, billed at $99 on a monthly basis.

Premium Plan: Costs $149 a month. Access all available filters and unlimited searches on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Platinum Plan: This plan is worth $249 paid each month.

Titanium Plan: Priced at $299/month

Palladium Plan: Goes for $349 a month

The Free plan has no free trial. Basic Plan offers a $1 somewhat free trial while all the other packages offer a $7 trial.

Final Thoughts

If you are a serious marketer, affiliate, media buyer, e-commerce advertiser this social ad spy tool will give you a huge advantage over your competition. What is your experience with PowerAdSpy? Tell us about it, we would love to hear your opinion.