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About SpyTEG

SpyTEG is a great time saving tool that allows you to spy on competitors’ ad creatives, native banners and video ads, it allows you collect valuable data and fast launching your own advertising company. Every ad can be easily downloaded in one click and an analysis obtained. Readmore
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting
  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

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SpyTEG Coupon Code, Promocode, Discount Code of 2020

“SpyTEG is a powerful spy tool that finds and analyzes hot competitors advertising campaigns. You can spy on banners, native ads, video adults advertising, competitor strategies, and download Ads in one click. Also, you get to uncover adult ads from 70+ countries and 6 networks at high speeds. – AFFcoupons.com “


  • Great time saver since you can access tons of ads in seconds.
  • Collects and analyzes a wide range of data at a high speed.
  • Downloads ads with a singles click
  • Detailed analysis of ads in 6 networks of 70+ countries and in 6types of devices.


  • None so far

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  • No Minimum spend
  • Geo-based pricing
  • Efficent targeting

SpyTEG is a tool designed for robust advertising analysis for competitors banners, Native and adult videos. You can get access to tons of ads within a second while still Collecting valuable data. On top of all these features you can easily  launch your own advertising company with SpyTEG.

What is SpyTEG?

SpyTEG is a tool created for ads analysis and allows you to spy on competitor’s ad creatives’ native, banner, and video ads. SpyTEG helps you uncover adult ads for over 70 major countries and six networks.

SpyTEG Features

1) Search and Find

You can find adult ads from more than 70 countries and all adult networks. SpyTEG allows you access from the following ad networks; ExoClick, Juicy ads, Traffic Junky, Eros advertising, traffic stars, Traffic Factory.

2) Elaborate Statistics

SpyTEG provides impressions and clicks information as SpyTEG users can see the real time trend of the ads and filter them according to device, timeframe, and location.  For each advertisement, you can access a wide range of information.

3) Detailed Analysis

With the help of all statists collected by SpyTEG tool, you get a detailed analysis of all ads, based on popularity. You can be able to have a better close look at the ad performance at whatever time you want.

4) Download and Save Ads

If you find an ad that meets your satisfaction, you can easily copy them by downloading the ad and landing pages. You can easily download the landing pages with a single click. You can also mark as a favorite for future reference.

SpyTEG Pricing

SpyTEG only plans has two plan levels, on top of their demo account, and these are; Tariff Professional and tariff corporate; first tariff one is priced at $75 per month, while the latter goes for $149 per month. Both plans offer the following: between the two plans is the number of simultaneous seasons, a professional plan allows up to two concurrent seasons. In contrast, the corporate plan allows up to six people to log in via the same account at the same time.

Final Thought

There’s no denying that the adult category is a very lucrative niche. The SpyTEG spy tool inspires you on the ad creatives and the landing pages that your competitors are using. Better yet, you can still copy you, competitors, ad techniques, grab yourself a copy of SpyTEG today and take your whole spying experience to a new level.